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Alcohol addiction is a very serious issue for those from the Hampton, VA area. In Virginia, 361,000 people suffer from alcohol use disorder. In 2016, 7,482 Virginians were in alcohol-related car accidents. As a result, 4,855 people were injured in these car accidents, and 262 people died. Alcohol addiction can also take a toll on familial relationships. When people are suffering from alcohol addictions, their destructive behavior hurts their family members. Too often, people feel helpless as alcohol addiction destroys their lives. Those suffering from alcohol addictions don’t know where to go for help. Fear and disgrace keep them quiet, which impedes their recovery. Regardless of age or background, recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is possible. Everybody has the power to beat their addiction and improve their life. Start fighting alcohol and drug addiction today. If you are in the Hampton, VA area and you want to learn more about alcohol addiction, call us today at 757-210-9957.

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